August 30, 2016

Back Cover of the Amazon (POD) Print on Demand

“He writes with such joy!  A fresh plot, unpredictable and spontaneous, every page a new discovery.  Kali is my favorite bad guy ever, truly monstrous, and […]
August 25, 2016

Author and Editor Re-Enact Climactic Scene

Author, Bob Jenkins, and editor, Cate Hogan, re-enact crucial scenes from Azriel Dancer, Book One of Daughters of the Kali Yuga. Or they are out in […]
August 23, 2016

What do those Sanskrit Words mean?

Glossary of Terms (mostly Sanskrit) Used in Azriel Dancer Abhishek consecration of a holy icon, the pouring of libations on the image of a deity Adharma […]

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