Azriel Dancer–The Soundtrack

My old goombah Brian Conroy compiled and recorded this clever soundtrack to accompany Azriel Dancer.  Each song references a specific passage in the book or captures a particular sentiment.

Azriel Dancer

The Soundtrack

  1. Sympathy for the Devil—The Rolling Stones
  2. Walk on the Wild Side—Lou Reed
  3. Talkin’ World War III Blues—Bob Dylan
  4. My Sweet Lord—George Harrison
  5. Popsicle Toes—Michael Franks
  6. Old Friends—Simon and Garfunkel
  7. Got My Mojo Working—Muddy Waters
  8. Don’t Worry, Be Happy—Bobby McFerrin
  9. Mr. Bojangles—David Bromberg
  10. Hare Krishna—Chitra Singh and Jagit Singh
  11. Whipping Post—Allman Brothers Band
  12. Bonus track—It’s the End of the World As We Know It—R.E.M.


Thank You Brian!