First Reviews for Janabai Shepherd

The first reviews arrive on for Janabai Shepherd.  Here’s a sample.

Book 2 of Daughters of the Kali Yuga sails into high adventure as the story continues with Azriel Dancer’s daughters, Janabai and Mirabai. All the wonderful characters from the first book are here, as we follow the blue-throated daughters and the development of their amazing talents. Against great odds, the community of Shiva Puri is learning to survive and thrive post-apocalypse, as they gear up for an inevitable battle with the demon Kali, whose sights are fixed on one of the daughters. Bob Jenkins’ novel ranges from the idyllic to the horrifying to the hilarious, from spirituality to depravity to ineffable tenderness, and is riveting from cover to cover. I devoured the book and was so disappointed that it had to end. Can’t wait for the third installment!!

E. Piper