Welcome Azriel’s Angels!

Deep bows of  gratitude to those of you who strapped on your wings and polished your halos in service to the Bodacious Book Launch of Azriel Dancer.

Angel 1

We are SIXTY strong; men and women, young and old(er), gay and straight, democrat and republican, from numerous ethnicities, including Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Others, and Declines-To-Answers, from all over the United States–and even a couple of odd Aussies!  Welcome, welcome, welcome, with great respect and affection.

And NO, to answer Archangel David Kahler (Archangel on account of he is my oldest living friend, and on account of I knew the title would annoy him), I did NOT invite everybody I knew into this celestial gang of rogues and fallen women.  I invited fifty friends because they were avid readers, or painters, or actors, or writers, or musicians, or who were the kind of people who go to the gallery, the symphony hall, the theatre, the local book store.  And a few who were (and are) just mensches of the world with keen intellects and sweet souls.  They had to come to, right?

So how about the other ten? Where did they come from?  Once the word about the launch got out, they came knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door.  Sure, come on in!  Kick your shoes off.  Ma!  We got company!  How ’bout a cuppa tea?

CJ and and are so excited about this ‘divine’ project.  Sez she, “Your friends will be right there with you, at the point of your pencil.”  Good one, CJ.  At the point of the pencil.

One again, thank you all.


PS  Oh yes, there will be prizes!